Pleasanton, CA Snake Removal and Control

Oakland snake

The snakes of Pleasanton California are pretty much the same as those found throughout the rest of Oakland, so go to the home page to learn about them. This website, which describes the Snakes of Oakland, is made possible by the generous support of our sponsor, WILDLIFE CONTROL Oakland, which provides snake removal services in all parts of Oakland, including Pleasanton, California. If you need a professional Pleasanton snake removal company to help you in an emergency snake situation, give them a call at the number below:

We specialize in a holistic approach to snake removal and inspect every inch of your house and property when we arrive, using our comprehensive 32-point inspection process. Using this carefully considered approach, we identify all the areas snakes can use to enter your house and work on sealing these shut, with the latest exclusion equipment, to ensure that one visit is all you need as we prevent snakes from re-entering your home. Always available for emergency snake removal, such as when a snake gets inside your house. We pride ourselves on identifying and solving the species of snake, even by a shed skin, and being able to advise and remove the offending serpent. We are also available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week for emergency snake removal, and can safely remove all snake species in this state. Wild animals don’t wait to schedule an appointment and you shouldn’t have to either.