How Do Snakes Drink Water?

Oakland snake

For those who have seen the tongue of the snake, you probably think that it is not suitable for drinking water. A split-fork type of tongue is not wide enough to scoop the water. So, how do snakes keep their body hydrated? Like any other beings, they need to supply their bodies with enough water; otherwise, they might die from dehydration. In this article, we will look into how these reptiles will drink water when in the wild.

What Are the Common Misconceptions About the Snakes Drinking Water?
You may have heard a lot of tales surrounding the snakes and how they keep their body hydrated. Years ago, people thought that snakes don't need to drink water. This myth has already been debunked, just like the other assumption about this slithering creature. Here are some of the wrong hypotheses about snakes and their habit of drinking water.

Snakes Drink Like Human- This statement is false. Compared to snakes, humans have buccinator muscle that allows us to pull and suck the water into the mouth and lead them to our gullet. While snakes may have a similar feature, snakes will not have the same type of muscle.
Snakes Will Hydrate their Body From the water Content of their Prey- While snakes can receive water from the foods they eat, especially if they are eating creatures dense in water content like amphibians and fish, snakes will still need to drink water from other sources.
Snakes Don't Drink Water- Snakes need water, and they will definitely drink it.

How Do Snakes Keep Their Body Hydrated?
Snakes have a unique way of 'drinking' water. Have you ever seen a snake eat? You will probably notice how flexible its mouth is, allowing it to devour a prey larger than its size. Their mouth is composed of several tissues, especially on the bottom part. Moreover, the bottom section of their jaw is what helps these creatures when ingesting water. The area below the snake's mouth will have tiny groves that can act like a sponge. It assists them when they need to absorb the water. Just like how it eats, the snake will also force down the water inside its body. The sponge-like feature makes it possible for the snake to siphon the waters into its body.

Do Snakes Drink Water Every Day?
If you are an owner of a pet snake, you must put a generous amount of water inside your terrarium. You have to make sure that the snake will remain hydrated throughout the day. Snakes will need unhampered access to water 24/7. While they may not appear like an avid drinker, they indeed love water since they cannot solely rely on the humidity when absorbing moisture. They prefer clean and fresh water. Even when in the wild, the snakes will be ready to travel a great distance just to look for a freshwater source.

Snakes are beautiful creatures that have successfully adapted to living in different types of weather. They know how to conserve their energy, listen to the vibration, and drink water by absorbing it.

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